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Human Resources

Human Resources is here to serve our community of educators in Stockton, Sacramento and San Francisco. Our role is to identify and support the employment-related needs of our faculty and staff, job seekers and especially our students. Please contact us any time.

What's New for You

» Exempt Staff Leave Reporting.  Should you have questions, please reach out to Cari Keller, Employment Services Manager at or 209-946-2126. (9/8/2017)

» Exempt Staff Leave Reporting for Partial Day - Reporting Leave on Partial Work Days with Accrued Leave to Cover it (4 hour rule). (9/8/2017)

» Web time entry training

All modules will be in Bridge (my learning):  Or your staff can access each Bridge course directly.  


» Summary Annual Report  - University of the Pacific defined Contribution Retirement Plan (08/29/2017)

» Exempt Introductory Evaluation - A Letter to Supervisors (08/25/2017)

» Exempt Staff Medical and Disability Leave Reporting  (08/25/2017)

» Diversity & Inclusion - building awareness at Pacific. Register for an interactive learning experience with Life Theatre. Life Theatre Services will use theater as a forum to reflect the challenges that face employees of all genders, races, cultures and sexual orientations as they navigate today's diverse workplace. Participants will have the opportunity to gain perspective while observing familiar conflicts played out in live dramatizations. In addition, stay for the Post Session Dialogue to share your perspectives about Diversity at Pacific. Click here for the Flyer.. see below for schedule to Program and Post Session Dialogue: Register through Bridge.

Program Schedule:

STOCKTON | September 28 | Vereschagin Alumni House  | 10am-12pm or 1-3pm

STOCKTON | October 12 | Vereschagin Alumni House  | 9-11am or 1-3pm

SAN FRANCISCO | October 13 | Dorfman Hall  | 10:30am-12:30pm or 2-4pm

SACRAMENTO | October 18 | The Lecture Hall  | 9-11am or 1-3pm

Post Session Dialogue Schedule:

STOCKTON | September 28 | Vereschagin Alumni House  | 12-1pm or 3-4pm

STOCKTON | October 12 | Vereschagin Alumni House  | 11am-12pm or 3-4pm

SAN FRANCISCO | October 13 | Dorfman Hall  | 12:30-1pm or 4-5pm

SACRAMENTO | October 18 | The Lecture Hall  | 11am-12pm or 3-4pm

*Sponsor by Diversity Leadership Team
**Co-facilitated by Diversity & Inclusion Leadership Team and CAPS  


» FAQs: Manager Summary Emails from Bridge: In the last few weeks, we've received questions about the "Manager Summary" emails from Bridge. Here are brief answers to the most common questions we've received. (8/15/2017)

» Search Committee TrainingHiring managers and search committee chairs and members can maximize their chance of the perfect hire with a deeper understanding University of the Pacific's search process and tips and strategies to find the best person. Additionally, knowing their responsibilities under the University's Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Employer (AA/EOE) plans if important to their success. The Search Committee Training is designed to do these things. The orientation consists of understanding your role as a search committee member, a review of the applicant tracking in PeopleAdmin, selection criteria, anti-bias awareness, interviewing skills, reference checking, and more. It also fulfills the University's legal compliance requirements under AA and EEO. The training program takes under one hour and Human Resources recommends it for the first meeting of the search committee for the open position in question. Please contact your Human Resources Department for more information on scheduling a training. As a reminder, we have updated information on Hiring and Section under Manager Resources on our website. (6/6/2017)