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Noteworthy faculty and staff accomplishments

Apr 14, 2014

College of the Pacific

Ken Albala, History, spent spring break as visiting scholar at the University of Melbourne where he delivered a lecture on Authenticity in Marketing European Food, taught a class on Spanish food culture for which he cooked a 17th century olla podrida, spoke in a panel on EU regulations and was interviewed by Australian radio.  

Cynthia Dobbs, English, presented "Mapping, Movement, Masquerade: Ralph Ellison's "New York, 1936" at the American Comparative Literature Association Conference at NYU. She was also co-organizer of the seminar "Mapping Spaces, Moving Bodies: Control, Resistance, and Disorientations" in which her paper was presented. 

Qingwen Dong, Communication, was selected by the 8,000-member National Communication Association (NCA) as one of 24 faculty leaders to work on a two-year "Tuning Project" on developing Communication Learning Outcomes. The goal of the project is to productively support curriculum planning and improvement within the Communication discipline and help position Communication centrally in institutions' general education curriculum development efforts. Dong also gave a talk on "Mentoring International Students in Doing Undergraduate Research" at the 28th National Conference on Undergraduate Research in Lexington, Ky. 

Marcos Gridi-Papp, Biological Sciences, published the article "The response of gray treefrogs to anesthesia by tricaine methanesulfonate (TMS or MS-222)" in the journal ISRN Zoology with student co-authors Mary Paduano '12, '14; Kaitlen C. Colafrancesco '10, '12; Sarah A. Wong '14; and collaborator Michael S. Caldwell from the University of Minnesota.

Carolynn Kohn, Psychology, gave the invited presentation "Facilitated Communication (FC): Past and Present" at The International Congress on Applied Behavior Analysis in the Treatment of Autism in Salerno, Italy.

Alan Lenzi, Religious and Classical Studies, was co-editor of the book Divination, Politics, and Ancient Near Eastern Empires to be published by the Society of Biblical Literature (June 2014). He also contributed the chapter "Prophecy, Imperialism, and Secrecy: Revisiting Biblical Prophecy and Secrecy in Light of Ancient Mesopotamian Prophetic Texts" to the volume.

Abingdon Introduction to the BibleJoel N. Lohr, Religious and Classical Studies, had his latest co-authored book, The Abingdon Introduction to the Bible: Understanding Jewish and Christian Scriptures, published by Abingdon Press (March 2014). This book, co-authored with Joel S. Kaminsky and Mark Reasoner, builds upon the success of Kaminsky and Lohr's earlier work, The Torah: A Beginner's Guide. Its unique contribution lies in its focus on both Jewish and Christian uses of the Bible, whether Jewish Tanakh or two-Testament Christian Bible.

Cathie McClellan, Theatre Arts, gave the presentation "ERTE, a design retrospective" to members of the Costume Commission at the annual national conference of the United States Institute for Theatre Technology (USITT) in Fort Worth, Texas. McClellan's report covered biographical information on Romain de Tirtoff, who used the professional name of Erte, traced early design influences on his style and presented examples of his work in fashion, theatre, interior décor and commercial design from 1913 until his death in 1990. USITT is the only national organization devoted to professionals and students in design, production and technology for the performing arts and entertainment industry, with a membership of more than 3,800 from the United States, Canada and 40 other countries. 

Matt Normand, Psychology, gave the invited presentations "Science, Pseudoscience, and Skepticism in Autism and Applied Behavior Analysis" and "The Functional Analysis of Behavior: History, Applications, and Implications" (parts I and 2) and "Strategies to asses and develop verbal behavior in children" (parts 1 and 2) at The International Congress on Applied Behavior Analysis in the Treatment of Autism in Salerno, Italy.

Chris Snell and Mark VanNess, Health and Exercise Science, and Todd Davenport, Physical Therapy, presented the workshop "Exercise Intolerance: Guide to Management and Treatment of ME/CFS" at the International Association of CFS/ME conference in San Francisco. Snell also chaired the special interest meeting "Cardiopulmonary exercise testing and disability evaluation." VanNess presented the free communication "Diminished pulmonary ventilation in CFS patients" as part of the provocation session. Davenport and Snell were coauthors on the paper. VanNess, Snell were coauthors with Davenport and doctor of physical therapy candidate Ben Larson, on the paper "Reproducibility of measurements obtained during cardiopulmonary exercise testing in individuals with and without fatiguing health conditions: A case series."

Lydia Fox, director of Undergraduate Research, accompanied 16 students to the National Conference for Undergraduate Research held at the University of Kentucky in Lexington. The following students gave presentations at the conference:

Tanairi Alcaraz '14 presented "Jose Marti: Dismantling National Narratives at the Root of American Imperialism" and "The Politics of Literature: Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Jorge Luis Borges."
Xiaoshan Bao '17 presented "Carrie Mae Weems: The African American Female Nued is "Not Manet's Type."
Berenice Calvario '14 presented "Awareness of the Visually Impaired."
Katie Choi '16 presented "Gazing at the Gazer: An Analysis of the Turkish Bath (1973) by Sylvia Sleigh."
Laura Coyt Zavala '15 presented "Sweet Little Lies: A look at the Bracero Program in U.S. Labor History and its Remnants."
Dale Dong '16 presented "Overcoming Communication Apprehension for Future Pharmacists."
Alec Follmer '14 presented "Computational Studies of the Gas-Phase Acidity and Basicity of Organic Molecules."
Crystal Gu '15 presented "Racial Insensitivity of Asian American Male Portrayals in Contemporary Media: Looking Inside Maxine Hong-Kingston's China Men."
Simon Harris '15 presented "Irony and the Insecurity of Puritan America in The Holder of the World."
Adnan Hashtam '15 presented "Re-imagining Boundaries: Travel Writing, Knowledge Production, and Empire in Bharati Mukherjee's The Holder of the World" and "Empire, Homonationalism, and the Terrorist: Challenging Settler Colonial discourse in Contemporary Queer Politics."
Evan Haynes '16 presented "The Scientific Outlook."
Faith James '14 presented the poster "LGBT the final frontier of human rights: A case study of same-sex marriage in Spain."
Jason Jung '15 presented the poster "Effects of Wetland Management on Carbon Storage in Soil."
Danielle Procope '14, African American Studies, presented "The "Outlaw Woman" in Black Women's Fiction: A Literary Response to the Politics of Respectability."
Ashley Richards '14 presented "Enough Is Enough Campaign Rebranding."
John Steiner '14 presented "Insidious Absence and Loss in lê thi diem thuy's The Gangster We are all Looking For."

School of International Studies

Bruce La Brack, Emeritus, delivered a pre-reentry workshop for Saudi Arabian students who have completed American undergraduate degrees in science and engineering and are about to return home after studying in North America for up to eight years. The program is sponsored by SABIC (Saudi Arabian Basic Industries Corporation) Educational Foundation-America, Houston, Texas. La Brack presented two sessions at the 10th annual conference of the Forum on Education Abroad, "New and Emerging Paradigms for Education Abroad," in San Diego, Calif. The sessions were "Culture in the Lab: A Model for Undergraduate STEM Research Abroad, which Integrates Intercultural Competence based on UC-San Diego Engineering Department cross-cultural training program," and  "Revisiting 'Beyond It Was Great': Provocative issues on 'Intervention' in Study Abroad."

Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry

Yige Zhao '15, has been named District 11 trustee for the American Student Dentistry Association.

Kalid Aziz, Terry Hoover and Gurminder Sidhu, were coauthors of "Understanding Root Resorption with Diagnostic Imaging," published in the March 2014 issue of the Journal of the California Dental Association. ( pg 158)

Dean Patrick J. Ferrillo Jr. was interviewed by in an article spotlighting the new dental school facility at 155 Fifth Street. Read article >>

Alan H. Gluskin, Christine I. Peters and Ove A. Peters, endodontics, published "Minimally Invasive Endodontics: Challenging Prevailing Paradigms" in the British Dental Journal's March 2014 themed issue on Endodontics.

The Pacific Center for Special Care virtual dentistry pilot program was featured in a recent issue of California Health Report. Read article>> 

Gladys L. Benerd School of Education

Ron Hallett, Educational Administration and Leadership, presented the research paper "Engaging families in college preparation: An actionable research case study" at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association. The paper was coauthored by graduate students Holly Stanco '12, University Development, and Jaci Griffen '12, School of Education. The project was designed to empower parents to inspire first-generation college-goers. It involved a five-week summer program for underserved and underperforming Stockton students and identified a successful approach for parents who had not attended college to inspire their children to attend college. The program, called Creating Opportunities Via Education, ran for thee summers from 2009 to 2011. The presentation was also the subject of a news feature in, Time and Teachers Weekly.

multicultural education

Thomas Nelson, John Cassell, and Harriett Arnold, curriculum and instruction, co-edited and were contributing authors for a special issue of the journal Multicultural Education: "Sustainability Education:  A Multicultural Interdisciplinary Inquiry Into Human-Environmental Relationships." Contributing authors also included doctoral students in the school of education:

Nelson, Cassell and Arnold coauthored "Introduction-A Multicultural Interdisciplinary Inquiry into Human-Environmental Relationships & Sustainability Education."
Chanthou Thoeun '15 contributed the article "Situating Systems Thinking between Past & Future: Hannah Arendt's Discourse on the Multicultural 'World'."
Doe A. S. Hain-Jamall '15 contributed the article "Native-American & Euro-American Cultures: A Comparative Look at the Intersection between Language & Worldview."
Roger Coss '15 contributed the article "Multicultural Perspectives through Music & Sustainability Education."
Connor Sloan '14 contributed the article "Transforming Multicultural Classrooms through Creative Place-Based Learning."
Charlane Starks '14 contributed the article "Connecting Multiculturalism, Sustainability, & Teacher Education:  A Case for Linking Martin Luther King Streets & the Power of Place."
Kristen E. Clark '15 contributed the article "Ecological Intelligence & Sustainability Education in Special Education."
Robin K. Perry '15 contributed the article "A Case for Sustainability Pedagogical Content Knowledge in Multicultural Teacher Education."
Cassell, Nelson and Arnold contributed the article "The Journey from Babel: Unleashing the Power of the Collective through the Creative Dynamism of Difference."

Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

Ben Larson, Physical Therapy, presented the paper "Reproducibility of measurements obtained during cardiopulmonary exercise testing in individuals with and without fatiguing health conditions: A case series" at the International Association for CFS/ME annual meeting in San Francisco. Mark VanNess and Chris Snell, Health Exercise and Sport Sciences, and Todd Davenport, Physical Therapy, were coauthors. Davenport was a co-presenter with Chris Snell and Mark VanNess, Health and Exercise Science, of the workshop "Exercise Intolerance: Guide to Management and Treatment of ME/CFS."

Student Life

Joel N. Lohr, director of Religous and Spiritual Life, had his co-authored book, The Abingdon Introduction to the Bible: Understanding Jewish and Christian Scriptures, published by Abingdon Press (see previous entry under College of the Pacific.) 

Business and Finance

Shelby Slaugenhaupt has been selected as the 2014 recipient of the National Association of Educational Procurement's Young Professional in Procurement Award.  The Award will be presented at the 93rd Annual Meeting in Kentucky in May. The NAEP is the professional association serving procurement professionals in colleges, universities and K-12 education nationwide and Canada. Slaugenhaupt is being awarded for her contributions, leadership and community involvement within the education procurement industry during 2013. She also co-authored an article on institutional beverage pouring rights, "The Wonderful World of Beverage Pouring Rights - Three Peer Perspectives," which was published in the Educational Procurement Journal.

Desiree Maldonado received her Certificate in Purchasing, a WASC accredited program, designed to strengthen principles in purchasing and procurement management. Maldonado has been the Buyer in the Purchasing Department for the past five years.

University Development

Holly Stanco, director of development for the Conservatory of Music, was a coauthor on the paper "Engaging families in college preparation: An actionable research case study." (see above listing for Ronald Hallett under Gladys L. Benerd School of Education.)

Alpha Sigma Lambda Honor Society Inductees

Alpha Sigma LambdaCongratulations to 2014 inductees into University of the Pacific's Iota Gamma chapter of Alpha Sigma Lambda. The Alpha Sigma Lambda National Honor Society is a nonprofit organization devoted to the advancement of scholarship and to the recognition of non-traditional students continuing their higher education. 

College of the Pacific
Andrew Burrage, Michelle Gretsinger, Sally Lochowski, Tanaka Erick Ogle, Chad Reed, Laura Coyt Zavala

Gladys L. Benerd School of Education
Monique Morales, Teri Rivera-Pena, Hilda Solorio, Nicole Tirapelle, Liz Yang

School of Engineering & Computer Science
Evan Bomgardner

Eberhardt School of Business
James Feliz

University College
Lisa Harris, Gustavo Hernandez, Tamara Piazza, Amanda Verstl    

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